Teresa & Ben cutest scientist couple ever! – Your Beautiful Moments – Wedding Photographer Omaha Nebraska

It goes without saying that Ben and Teresa are the cutest scientist couple I have ever met, and they are more than likely the cutest scientist couple ever! I really enjoyed getting to know them during their engagement session and enjoyed spending their wedding day with them as well. They are obviously smart, but also incredibly fun, easy-going, and so very much in love with each other. I’m not going to lie…I was a little bummed that it rained all day (and at one point we were even in a severe thunderstorm warning) because I was really looking forward to getting some awesome pictures outside, in front of the Century Link Center, and I had even scoped out an awesome blue building a few blocks away that would have been perfect to accent Teresa’s beautiful shoes. But, even though I was a little bummed, it was still one of the most fun weddings I have been to (open bar + photo booth = one heck of a good time!), and more importantly, Ben and Teresa were not at all phased by the weather. They are so incredibly in love and their wedding day was proof that even when the storms come they are going to be standing hand in hand, helping each other through it, and I know they’ll never forget to make each other smile. Although if they do take things too seriously I think Teresa is going to have the upper hand, I mean seriously did you see her arms? After Ben’s somewhat lack luster throwing of the garter Teresa pointed out that their kids will have HER throwing arm.

There were so many details in their wedding from the amazing cake topper to the tables labeled with the elements from the periodic table that made the day perfectly theirs. Even though we didn’t make it outside we had fun taking pictures on the giant elevators and got some great shots of a bridesmaid vs. groomsmen “football” game. All in all it was an incredibly good time with an amazing couple. Thank you Ben and Teresa for allowing me to be a part of your day!

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